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sanitary design software product details

Plumbcalc is an expanding suite

of Excel based computer

programmes totally dedicated to

the needs of civil, sanitary and public health engineers.


The programmes are based on industry standard methods and formulas.


The programmes are generally menu driven and nearly all the required data necessary is provided within the programme.


The programmes are designed to be as simple as possible to use so that the user can be productive in the shortest possible time.


Use the buttons to the side of this panel to select the GasCalc, LoadCalc, PressureCalc, PumpCalc, SaniCalc, StackCalc, StormCalc, T-BlockCalc, VacCalc , SoakCalc and WaterCalc  programmes.


To obtain a 10 day free trial of any of the programmes click on the Free trials’ button on this page. Once on the ‘Free trials’ page select the programme you wish to try.


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Public Health Engineering Software
Excel based programmes
Low cost, high value, simple to use
sanitary design software product details

Loadcalc  allows the user to select the most suitable pipe bedding for any combination of pipe material and pipe depth. Loadcalc  follows British Standard locations under main roads, other roads and fields.

Loadcalc pipe bedding design software
Loadcalc pipe bedding design software

PressureCalc allows the user to design pressurised water supply systems. The package uses the industry standard method of assigning ‘Loading Units’ to each sanitary appliance

Pressurecalc water supply design software

PumpCalc allows the user to design pumping stations and pumping mains. The programme is designed for submersible pumping stations and discharge mains.

Pumpcalc pumping station design software

SaniCalc allows the user to design sanitary drainage systems. The programme is based on the Colebrook-White equation and provides flow and velocity data for both the full and partially full pipe condition

Sanicalc drainage design software
StackCalc allows the user to design sanitary stack systems. This programme makes it simple to size sanitary stacks, stack branches and branch drains connecting stacks to external drains.
Stackcalc sanitary design software

Stormcalc allows the user to design storm water drainage systems. The rainfall intensity is based upon the methodology in the Wallingford Procedure. The design is based on the Rational Method.

Stormcalc storm drainage design software
T-BlockCalc allows the user to design thrust blocks for pressure pipes. The user can calculate the size of thrust blocks for a range of pipe types, sizes, bends angles, tees, reducers and soil conditions.
T-Blockcalc thrust block design software
VacCalc allows the user to size all the major components of a vacuum drainage system including vacuum piping, generators, vessels, pump suction piping, discharge pumps and discharge piping.
Vaccalc vacuum drainage design software

WaterCalc allows the user to design gravity water supply networks.

This software can be used for individual properties supplied from a roof tank or elevated tank or a group of buildings supplied from a common elevated reservoir.

Watercalc gravity water supply design software

This software is suitable for civil, sanitary, plumbing, drainage, public health, environmental and water service engineers together with students and teaching staff. This software can be used by contractors, consultants and local authority staff. Because of the low cost of these powerful software products it can be purchased for use on smaller projects where it would not be cost effective to purchase the much more expensive CAD integrated products sold by our competitors. These packages can be used by contractors to check consultants design packages. As stand alone packages they can be used to check paper drawings.

Free Trials
Free Trials

SoakCalc allows the user to design soakaways for both sanitary and storm water drainage systems. This software can be used for individual properties, packaged treatment systems, paved areas and highway drainage systems.

Gascalc natural gas piping design software

Gascalc allows the user to size low pressure natural gas piping from the gas meter to the various appliances. Gascalc  allows the user to select from various pipe materials and pipe diameters up to 200 mm.

Gascalc natural gas piping design software
Gascalc natural gas piping design software
Shout Box.
Shout Box.


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