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sanitary design software product details
sanitary design software product details

Soakcalc is a pair of Excel based menu driven soakaway design programmes. These programmes are designed for both sanitary and surface water drainage.


The sanitary programme is designed to be used in conjunction with a septic tank or packaged treatment plant where it necessary to provide on-site final effluent disposal.


The surface water programme is designed to be used where it is necessary to drain rainwater to a local soakaway via a small SW drainage network. This could be for the roof drainage of an individual property, a factory complex or a section of roadway.

The design of the soakaway is based upon BRE digest 365 and the calculations allow for a storm duration of up to 10 hours.


The storm water piping design is based on that used in the StormCalc programme but the number of branches permitted is restricted.


The type of soil is selected from a drop down list and the soil permeability is then selected from a range of values given in a second dependant list.


Three different types of soakaway can be sized: rubble filled pit, porous chamber and porous chamber with borehole.


Where a borehole type is selected different soil types can be specified for the chamber and the porous section of the borehole.  



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