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Plumbcalc is developing a suite of software that is designed to comply with American codes. The software packages will be designed to use American units of measurement and all the software packages will include US gallons where required.


All pipe dimensions will comply with American pipe schedules or pipe types and pipe diameters will be shown in Inches.


Plumbing fixtures will be as described in the Uniform Plumbing Code.


Generally formulas used will be those specified for use by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers.


The first programme that is ready for use is PressureCalc-USA This product is available in several versions for current and older versions of Excel.


The programme can handle up to 4900 pipes of copper, steel and plastic for all available sizes, schedules and types. All fixture types listed in the Uniform Plumbing Code are included and non-standard fixture types can be created as long as the fixture flow rate is known.


Provision is made for water meters, backflow preventers and water softeners. Bends, tees, reducers and valves can also be included in each pipe length.


To try out PressureCalc-USA free of charge for up to 10 days click on the ‘Free Trials’ button.


The software is driven by drop down or pop-up menus and is very simple to use.