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sanitary design software product details
sanitary design software product details

GasCalc is an Excel based menu driven natural gas piping design programme. This programme is designed to size low pressure natural gas pipe from the gas meter to various gas appliances.


The programme is suitable for all common gas piping materials and pipe diameters up to 200 mm.

The flow rate in the piping is determined using the Pole formula.

The programme accounts for any changes in the pipe level between the gas meter and the appliance connection.


Typical appliance gas consumption figures are given in the programme and non standard consumption rates can be input by the user. As additional pipe lengths are added, together with the attached appliances, the programme automatically sums the total gas flow for each additional pipe length.


Once the size of a pipe section has been established in the ‘gas supply’ sheet a macro is used to transfer the necessary data to a summary sheet. Once the complete network has been sized and all pipe sections are shown on the ‘summary’ sheet the calculations can be printed out. By using readily available low cost print emulation software the summary sheet data can be transferred to an ‘AutoCAD’ drawing for submission to the client or approving authority.



Natural gas piping design software

Excel based programme

Low cost, high value, simple to use

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